Café-Ketab-Aftaab (Café-sun-book)
Visual identity and Interior design

Café-Ketab-Aftaab (Café-sun-book), as it is considered from his name, is a place to talk, study and discussion, and also is a place for book friendship and intellectuality. This Café, has been placed at the end of the book mall and is connected to it. This place provides multiple opportunities for book fan, it can be convenient to pick up the books from bookshelf, read the books, discuss about the books, buy it or get it back to the book shelf. The intent of the manager of Book-Café is to create a warm and different place to communication, speak and also it was a step for cultural change in city of Mashhad. The designing of visual identity and logotype has been according to these concepts. Due to name’ being long and three-part and also, being related to the cultural issue which is book, my idea in this typography is as follows:

- The simple and different consideration
with name’ being three-part
- Being familiar with image memory of
society as well as being different
- Having a thick status to be seen well.
- Reminding the nostalgic atmosphere of
used fonts in 40th decades in Iran (the
bright period in Iran, which cultural
change, the role of and growth of café
were significant)
- Finally, Providing opportunity to
continue the designing of the other
family type in future.